5 Unbelievable Lottery Stories

You may think that winning the lottery is all about champagne, luxury cars, and dream vacations. But in spite of the stereotype, there are some lottery winners whose stories are absolutely breathtaking. In this article, we will tell you five unbelievable lottery stories that will show you that there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to winning the lottery.

1. The Sonia Davies Story

Mrs. Sonia Davies was diagnosed with a malignant tumor on her parathyroid gland and her only chance was a complex surgical procedure. So, she travelled from her home in Monmouth, Wales, all the Way to Florida to have the operation.

When she woke up from her anesthesia, the doctors told her that the procedure had been a complete success and that she would be perfectly fine from that point on. This made Sonia feel unbreakable; in that moment, she felt that she could do absolutely anything.

So, she realized that this would be the absolute best time to play the lottery. She immediately called up her daughter, Stephanie, in Wales and urged her to buy EuroMillions tickets. While she couldn’t understand her mother’s sudden need to play the lottery, Stephanie eventually bought the ticket to please Sonia.

This brought them a huge EuroMillions jackpot worth £61.1 million. It’s all about doing the right thing at the right time with the lottery, and Sonia certainly did, because her intuition made her a millionaire. The Davies decided to share the winnings among themselves and build a fantastic future together, as a family.

2. The Peter McCathie Story

Mr. Peter McCathie is one of the most famous lottery winners of all time. But his popularity has less to do with his lottery win, and everything to do with his amazing life story. Saying that Mr. McCathie is one in a million would actually be a gross understatement.

As it turns out, he is actually one in 2.6 trillion people. And let us tell you why! At the age of 14, Mr. McCathie was sailing his boat on a beautiful sunny day. Then, all of a sudden, a bank of black storm clouds gathered above him, and he was struck by lightning.

What makes him special is the fact that he survived to tell the story of this ordeal. Then, in 2015, Peter McCathie and his colleague, Diana Miller, won a whole CAD$1 million in the Canada Loto 6/49. The odds of both events happening to the same person are through the roof, which makes Mr. McCathie a very lucky man.

“I honestly expected to get hit by lighting again first”, said Mr. McCathie about winning the lottery. And to top things off, his daughter has also survived being struck by lightning, which means that maybe luck must run in the McCathie family.

3. The Pearlie Smith Story

Ms. Pearlie Smith, now aged 70, is the proud mother of seven beautiful children. Throughout the years, she said that she “made it through the grace of God”, as raising them has brought quite some challenges.

But Ms. Smith has proven that anything is possible if you work hard enough. Every once in a while, she played the US Powerball hoping to get at least a part of the immense prizes in the lottery. She tried everything from lucky numbers to birthdays and other special dates, but she never really won anything.

Then, one day, Ms. Pearlie Smith had a dream about the winning numbers for the lottery. She decided to put the numbers in her dream to the ultimate test and she used them to play the lottery. As it turns out, her dream was truly a prophecy because those numbers brought Ms. Smith and her family an enormous Powerball jackpot worth $429 million.

4. The Bill Morgan Story

Truck driver Bill Morgan had a very bad accident in 1999. He was clinically dead for as long as 14 minutes, and then he fell into a deep coma. While the doctors did not give him much of a chance, Mr. Morgan defied all odds and recovered spontaneously.

When he came back, Mr. Morgan felt that he had gotten a brand-new lease on life and he decided to make the most of everything in his life. So, he quit his job and proposed to his long-term girlfriend, who gladly accepted to be his wife.

Naturally, Mr. Morgan felt absolutely invincible, so he decided to buy a lottery scratcher ticket one day, just to see what would happen. Much to his surprise, he won a car worth AUD17,000, so he was ecstatic.

Finding out about his amazing story, the Melbourne News wanted to do a story about Mr. Morgan. They wanted to film a clip, so they asked him to buy another lottery scratcher for the reenactment of the lotto win.

Following their script, Bill Morgan scratched off his ticket and he was supposed to say “I won a car”. But, the scene went into an entirely different direction, as Mr. Morgan said “I won AUD$250,000. I’m not joking!”. It seems that the Melbourne news was there just in time to film him winning the lottery a second time.

5. The Frane Selak Story

We’ve saved the most unbelievable of stories for the end, as the life of Mr. Frane Selak is excellent material for a Michael Bay blockbuster. He’s been called everything from Frane Die Hard Selak to The Man with Nine Lives because he has managed to escape death so many times it seems impossible.

To sum it all up, Mr. Selak has survived a train derailing into an icy river in 1962, a horrific plane accident in 1963, a bus crash that led the vehicle into a river in 1967, a car fire in 1981, then another one in 1984, getting hit by a bus in 1995, then yet another car accident in 1996 that plunged him into a tree, while his Skoda exploded just 300 feet below him.

It is easily understandable why the Croatian music teacher was dubbed both the luckiest and unluckiest man on Earth. Aside from cheating death a ridiculous amount of times, Frane Selak won a £600,000 prize with his very first lottery ticket.

Overall, his life appears to be a series of unfortunate events, but his resilience is absolutely stunning. While people insist on calling him wildly lucky, Mr. Selak himself has a different take on the matter. “I never thought I was lucky to survive all my brushes with death. I thought I was unlucky to be in them in the first place.”

As you can see, winning the lottery is a truly life-changing event, but there are some stories out there that exceed even the wildest of imaginations. What about you? Where would a lottery jackpot come into your life story? Put in your tickets on theLotter and find out! Good luck!