Play Loteria Nacional Extra Online

Enter the special Spanish Raffle draw – Loteria Nacional Extra for a chance to win amazing prizes totaling to €84 – 120 million. With these Sorteos Especiales, you benefit from awesome odds of winning and also contribute to a good cause.

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How to Play Loteria Nacional Online

Above, you can see a series of Spanish Raffle shares, which have already been purchased from the official lottery operator and available for you to buy. Simply select the amount of shares you want to enter the draw with using the "+" button. Then, press PLAY and complete the purchase. Remember that you must be a registered user on the site in order to buy lottery tickets, something you can do quickly and, more importantly, free of charge. If you want to see more available shares and have a wider range of choice hit the Shuffle button.

How do the Spanish Raffles Work?

The rules of the Loteria Nacional raffles are different than for the regular lotto games. A total of 100,000 tickets printed with five-digit codes ranging from 00000-99999 are available for each draw, which makes several winners. Each ticket is divided into 10 copies, and each copy into 10 shares. As opposed to the numbers games where you can pick the numbers on your own or use the quick pick method, when entering a raffle draw, you have only the option of purchasing tickets with pre-selected codes.

When are the Loteria Nacional Extra Draws Held?

The Loteria Nacional Extra draws are held once a month, except for the month of July which is usually host of two such special Spanish raffle events. They are usually dedicated to a good cause, from the Red Cross and the Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (Spanish Association Against Cancer) to the National Library of Spain, various cultural events, traditions and festivals throughout Spain.

Why to Play the Loteria Nacional Extra?

Playing raffles is not only an interesting Spanish tradition. It is also fun, especially that Loteria Nacional prizes are quite easy to win. Even if you do not scoop the jackpot, you still have over 37,000 possibilities to win a prize. Actually, 1 in 3 players win something in each and every Sorteo Especial de la Loteria Nacional. These special draws usually offer bigger prizes ranging from €84 million to €105 million, and can sometimes go up to €120 million.

Fun Facts about Loteria Nacional Raffles

The Loteria Nacional is one of the oldest lottery games in Spain, along with La Primitiva. Back then, this Spanish raffle was called the Modern Lottery (Lotería Moderna), precisely, to make the distinction from La Primitiva. The first raffle draw was held back in 1973, for tax purposes. Currently, the winning numbers are shown on large blue tables by children of the San Ildefonso school, which was formerly an orphanage. The students of the same school are also involved in the well-known ceremony of Loteria de Navidad – the Spanish Christmas raffle and the most anticipated lotto even of the year in Spain.

Upcoming Loteria Nacional Extra Draw


The next draw in the Loteria Nacional will take place on March 23rd, 2019 and it will be a celebration of Father’s Day. The impressing prize pool will reach €105 million, so you should not miss this special raffle draw event. To participate in El Sorteo del Día del Padre, get your shares on theLotter New Zealand.

The Previous Raffle Draw Results

The previous draw in the Loteria Nacional took place on February 16th, 2019 and it was dedicated to St. Valentine’s Day. El Sorteo Especial de San Valentin offered €105 million in prizes, with the jackpot reaching the €15 million mark. There is no surprise that a lot of players were attracted to this special raffle draw!

The winning code for the €15 million jackpot in the Valentine’s Day draw was 62184 and it was split between winners from Toledo. Each share of the Loteria Nacional was worth an amazing €1.3 million. The second prize in the draw, worth €250,000 went to players from Barcelona. The winning code for this prize was 42771.