Top 5 Lottery Syndicate Winners

Syndicates winning the lottery come across as exciting news. We see these heart-warming stories making the headlines every now and then. Whether you want to play US Powerball, or you are into European lotteries, syndicates are a good way to go. You play with more tickets. You benefit from better odds of winning more prizes. All at a discounted price! What else can you wish for? Want proof that it works? Read on and you will discover some inspiring stories! Then, don't forget to play! You might become a syndicate winner yourself.

The Tennessee 20 Syndicate – $254.7 million – November 2016

The Tennessee 20 syndicate stands on top of our list as the winner of a large grand prize. On 29 November 2016, a group of twenty coworkers at a metal manufacturing plant in Tennessee had the only jackpot-winning ticket in the draw. The enormous prize displayed by the American lottery was worth $420 million. The Tennessee 20 syndicate cashed in a lump sum of $254.7 million, each member pocketing $12.7 million before taxes. The group had been playing the lottery for eight years, purchasing US Powerball tickets for every Wednesday and Saturday draw. It finally paid off when they won the jackpot after all those years of playing the lottery together for fun.

MM ticket

The Three Amigos Syndicate - $218.6 million – March 2012

The Three Amigos syndicate managed to scoop a third of the record-breaking Mega Millions jackpot worth $656 million in March 2012. Three colleagues in Maryland’s public education system pooled their money and bought 60 lottery tickets. They each contributed $20 and, in the end, pocketed $218.6 million. This syndicate’s members decided to remain anonymous, which is allowed by the Maryland lottery law. The youngest syndicate member was the one to purchase the tickets and choose the numbers. One of the 60 tickets matched the numbers 2, 4, 23, 38, 46 and Mega Ball 23. The two women and one man who won this incredible prize had big plans for their money, but none of them intended to quit their jobs. The Three Amigos talked about spending their winnings on travelling and helping others. One thing is for sure, this syndicate win is one of the most famous. The Three Amigos’ story spread around the world.

The Shipping 20 Syndicate – $160.3 million – June 2012

In June 2012, the US Powerball jackpot of $241 million was struck by another syndicate – The Shipping 20. They are a group of coworkers at the shipping department of a cereal plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The syndicate cashed in $160.3 million after taxes. This is the largest win to date in the state of Iowa. In the end, each of the members scooped a final net amount of $8 million. Their story began when the jackpot reached a mouth-watering $100 million, and they decided to chip in $5 each for lottery tickets. Just as with the Three Amigos syndicate, the group wanted to remain anonymous and established a trust to receive the payout. The win made some of them wish to retire from their jobs instantly, while the others continued working until new replacements were found.

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The Ocean's 16 Syndicate - $149 million - August 2013

On 7 August 2013, the US Powerball lottery had a fantastic jackpot worth $448 million. There were three winning tickets, and one of them belonged to the Ocean’s 16 syndicate. It was the second winning ticket sold in the State of New Jersey for that draw. The group’s share of the prize amounted to $149 million. Each of the syndicate members received a net amount of $3.8 million in a lump-sum payment This wonderful win helped six of the syndicate members recover from Hurricane Sandy’s damages in Ocean County and build new homes. Another member of Ocean’s 16 syndicate is Barbara Jo Riivald. Her late father, Senator John F. Brown, was one of the first New Jersey lottery legislators in the 1970s. She was grateful to share the prize with her coworkers and lottery syndicate friends, calling it “a miracle.”

The Manilva Spanish Syndicate – €87 million – February 2018

The last in our top 5 is a EuroMillions lottery syndicate win of a more recent date – February 2018. The European jackpot worth €174 million was shared between the Manilva Spanish syndicate and another winner from the UK. In other words, €87 million went to around 80 residents of La Línea and Manilva, in Spain. They had spent between €10 and €200 on lottery tickets per month. This brought them wins between €800,000 and €3.5 million each. The Manilva City Council congratulated the neighbourhood community group that formed the syndicate. They managed to win an amount worth over four times the annual municipal budget.

How Can I Play a Lotto Syndicate Online?

You can play lottery syndicates online on It is one of the easiest ways to join a syndicate online, and theLotter New Zealand takes care of everything. All you have to do is buy shares in a selection of lines. This means that you enter the draw with more unique number combinations. On top of that, there are several types of syndicates offered on theLotter New Zealand like the Guaranteed Number Match or the Guaranteed Additional Numbers Match. All of them can provide you with great winning odds. You can find out more about all the syndicates offered by theLotter New Zealand here.

theLotter New Zealand’s Winning Syndicates

Two outright examples prove that playing lottery syndicates on theLotter New Zealand can be very rewarding. Plus, when you play lottery syndicates online you have the advantage of choosing the one that suits you best. Our winning syndicates did the same.

On 4 November 2017, a syndicate of fifty-five online players won a total of $106,300 in the US Powerball lottery. They purchased shares in a 65-line syndicate and every single line won a prize, including two 3rd division prizes worth $50,000 each. Every player received a share of the winnings worth nearly $1,900. Choosing a One Number Match Guaranteed syndicate increased the syndicate’s odds of winning these awesome prizes. Four of the winning US Powerball syndicate members came from New Zealand.


On 31 July 2018, another theLotter New Zealand syndicate won the Australian Oz Lotto second prize. They got close to hitting the jackpot worth a whopping AU$50 million. Instead, they matched 6 of the main numbers and a supplementary one collecting the division two prize of AU$24,937. This amount was equally divided between the 22 shares holders from 19 different countries, each of them receiving AU$1,133. New Zealand was also represented in this win by one player.

There are many more lottery syndicate winners out there. Their stories are as just as captivating as the ones in our top. Want to be part of the story? You can join the winners’ circle playing it global on theLotter New Zealand.