Winning the Lottery Twice: It’s Possible!

Imagine winning one of those huge US Powerball jackpots ! Who needs more than that, you might think. Well, some people continue playing even after they won and some of them really strike it lucky for the second and even third or fourth time. So, winning the lottery twice – it is definitely possible! While they will not show you how to attract luck in lottery, the stories below will prove that you can win the lottery more than once.

Luck Strikes Twice for Generous Illinois Woman!

Suffice it to say that Rosaura Macias felt very blessed a few years back, when she won $250,000 in a Mega Millions drawing. The lucky Illinois woman was all too happy to share the winnings with family and friends. ‘Lightning’ struck again in November 2014, when Mrs. Macias won $300,000 in her state’s Lucky Day Lotto drawing, prompting her to once again show her generosity and thanks, and help out where she can.

Hailing originally from Mexico, Rosaura, 67, is married and has three sons. At the time of the winning, she was planning to share the winnings with not only them, but also with her husband, mother-in-law, and friends. Though she was only an occasional ticket-buyer, the lucky winner will, no doubt, step up her game and make this a regular occurrence, hoping to get lucky once again. Asked what her secret was, she responded only be saying “I believe in the power of giving”.

Gambles Bets On Basketball Jerseys Numbers

Larry Gambles from Chicago played the lottery using the numbers on the jerseys of his high school basketball team. This strategy paid off, and not only once. It first brought him a nice prize of $50,000. Then, in June 2016, Gambles hit the Lucky Day jackpot, scooping $1.05 million. "I've been playing the same numbers ever since. I can't believe they paid off again!" said Gambles the day he went to pick up his big win.

Is playing with the same numbers draw after draw the winning strategy? Each lottery fan has their own opinion in this respect. Some go for Quick Pick numbers, others bet on they Lucky Numbers all the way. If you belong to the second category, theLotter has an easy solution for you: you can save your Lucky Numbers in your account, and use them any time you feel like.

Luck of the Irish

Lucky South African Hit the Jackpot Twice

A lucky South African from Limpopo beat the jackpot winning odds of 24 million to one twice in seven years: first in 2002, when he scooped R11 million, and for the second time in 2009, when he took the jackpot home again, the cash amount being R30 million this time. He decided not to reveal his identity, but the South African lottery officials depicted him as a successul business man, with an already comfortable financial situation. As for his plans regarding the wins, he talked about investing in real estate and property development.

Quebec Man’s Passion for the Lottery Makes Him a Double Winner

Jules Parent of Quebec loves the lottery, so he’s been playing the game for quite a while. With an investment of only $3.20, Mr. Parent won a whopping $1,222,069 in the Canadian lottery. While this is reason enough for celebration all on its own, the lucky Canadian was celebrating his second lottery win. Back in 2008, he won yet another $1,000,000 prize. His big plans for his lottery fortune include buying a new home. “It won’t be a castle, but it will be in the modern style”, he said. Mr. Parent also intends to keep on playing the lottery. Considering his enormous luck in the game, who knows how many more prizes he could win in the future?

Canadian woman hits the jackpot twice in just 4 years

Despite all the talks about unfavourable winning odds, hitting the jackpot can happen. It actually happens every day all over the world. But one Canadian resident recently proved that things can go even further and it is possible for the same person to hit the jackpot twice in less than 5 years! In October of 2007 Ann Lepine shared an $11,000,000 Lotto 6/49 prize with her then husband. This was, at the time of her win, the largest jackpot to ever be awarded in Canada's Northwest Territories.

If that wasn't lucky enough, she took home another $7.6 million lottery jackpot on February 26, 2011. Two hours after purchasing a Lotto 6/49 quick-pick ticket, Lepine logged on to the Western Canada Lottery Corp. website to check the drawing results to discover that she had won, matching her 6 numbers with all 6 winning numbers. After a friend in Fort Smith double-checked her numbers with the winning numbers, her winning ticket was confirmed.

Coincidentally, two days later (on a Monday) it was Lepine’s last day of work – and this not because of her winning the jackpot, but her one-year work contract just happened to expire the same week she won the lottery! "It's kind of surreal; I guess, is what it is," "I just still can't believe it. I still keep on looking at the ticket and saying, you know, 'I actually won $7.6 million’”.

Indeed, you can't win if you don’t play. Or, in Ann Lepine’s words: "You got to buy a ticket in order to win."

Luck of the Irish

The luck of the Irish: winning the lottery 9 times

A Dublin couple who preferred to keep their identity away from the public, and for a good reason did it: they proved that if you know how to attract lottery luck, you can win more than once. They won the Match 5 prize 9 times already, and in June 2016, they collected a cheque of €113,661 for having matched five numbers and the bonus. In their statements to the press, they said they will keep playing Ireland Lotto as they felt they are "getting closer and closer to the jackpot." With such a luck, we recommend them to subscribe to their favorite lottery to make sure they never miss a draw.