Kenyan Government Worker Wins $50,000 in the US Powerball!

E.L., a thirty five-year-old analyst for the Kenyan government walks away $50,000 richer after playing US Powerball online in the 20 April 2016 draw! E.L. is married with two children. He loves playing rugby, swimming, and sports betting.

He has been playing lotteries only since 2009 and his first encounter with a lottery was when he played the New York Powerball while he was visiting relatives in the United States. He never knew about theLotter New Zealand until he did some research. “I was fascinated with the Powerball jackpot and it forced me to do research on the possibilities of being able to  play lotteries like Powerball online  from Kenya,” he said. Luckily E.L. had theLotter New Zealand on his side when placing that winning bet.

Spurred on by January's $1.6 Billion Powerball

Kenyan man wins Powerball prize in US

E.L. was also fascinated by January's $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot. He kept watching it grow after every draw wondering what it would be like to win such a grand prize. His favorite lotteries to play, however, are the Powerball and the US Mega Millions because these were the first lotteries he would play on his visits to the United States.

The Numbers That Won

Matching five of the six winning Powerball numbers is no easy feat! When E.L. entered the 20 April 2016 Powerball draw, he chose to select his numbers manually - and boy did it pay off! He managed to correctly guess 4 main numbers and the Powerball number, making him a third-place Powerball winner! If he had matched just one more number, he would have won the $227 million jackpot prize.

Check out the 20 April 2016 Powerball results and the winning numbers E.L.'s ticket.

The winning numbers:

    • 12253052628

E.L.'s ticket:

Winning Powerball ticket

During our telephone interview, E.L. told us that his secret to winning was playing it safe by consistently using fixed numbers. “I have a set of predetermined numbers that I always play on rotation irrespective of the lottery I am playing. I simply keep repeating the same numbers over and over.” 

The Kenyan Champion's Tips to Winning the Powerball

In addition to consistently playing with specific numbers,  E.L. also enjoys playing in syndicates because he can buy more lottery tickets at a fraction of the cost,  guaranteed better odds at winning the jackpot, and he gets to share the excitement of winning with other players.

Before this big $50,000 win, E.L. won $100 in the US Mega Millions. His tip for other online lottery players is to just keep playing because eventually it will pay off and that it certainly did for E.L.! Now he is able to go and purchase a replacement vehicle for the one he recently sold. He says this prize will go a long way in helping finance this purchase.

It is clear that E.L. realized he could win huge lottery prizes when playing the biggest draws in the world online, something that he couldn't win if he had just played an African lottery draw like the SA Lotto. Congratulations to him on his win!